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FARIA collaborates closely with FCAI to promote world-class Finnish AI expertise.

The Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI is a community of experts in artificial intelligence in Finland, initiated by Aalto University, University of Helsinki, and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. FCAI is one of the Academy of Finland’s Finnish flagships, hubs of top-level research and impact.

To create Real AI, FCAI has set up three grand scientific objectives: data efficiency, trust & ethics, and understandability.

Present-day AI solutions work well only in a very small subset of simple domains. In order to expand the deployment of AI further, we need new tools that overcome the key shortcomings of current AI systems.

FCAI in numbers (2020):

  • 60 professors and their groups

  • 45 M€ funding for 2020

  • 688 publications

  • 30 Doctoral degrees

  • 252 Master's degrees

  • 20+ collaboration partners & 350+ ecosystem members

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