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Although a system with long traditions in many countries, the welfare state is by no means a finished project. The work with developing a best possible society for people to grow and live is a continuous task, and a central starting point for much research. In the case of welfare state research, FARIA is working together with INVEST (Inequalities, Interventions and a New Welfare State) a research project led by the University of Turku and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. The overall aim of this project is to produce a new model for the welfare state. Central in this work are children and the young, to improve the well-being and skill development within these population groups.

Children reached: over 1 million
Children currently reached through INVEST intervention programmes: 549 200
KiVa programs currently reach of the school aged children in Finland: 40%
Voimaperheet programs reach currently of the Finnish population: 1/3
New ERC Advanced Grants: 2
New NIH Grants: 2
New Strategic Research Council projects: 3
Peer-reviewed publications: 350
Funding: 21,6 M€
Researchers: >200
Research projects 43
Principal Investigators: 24

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