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With an abundance of renewable natural resources and an expertise built up after centuries of living on the plentiful Finnish forests, a deep involvement in research related to bioeconomy can be found among Finnish institutions of higher education. These initiatives include FinnCERES and UNITE competence centres belonging to the Flagship Programme by the Academy of Finland
The FinnCERES flagship is led by Aalto University and VTT and focuses on creating new sustainable materials from lignocellulose. Researchers from FinnCERES are participating in the FARIA network to develop research cooperation with the US.

FinnCERES in numbers (updated 10/2021):

  • 45 professors and their groups involved in activities

  • ~65 M€ annual funding in the competence center

  • ~150 publications annually, >500 so far

  • ~15 doctoral degrees annually, >40 so far

The UNITE Flagship (Forest-Human-Machine Interplay) brings together world-leading research teams in forest sciences, geospatial technology and gamification. UNITE’s host organizations are The School of Forest Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland, Natural Resources Institute Finland, the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute at the Land Survey of Finland, and Gamification and Game Cultures research groups at Tampere University.

Finland's bioeconomy strategy, cases and further contacts can be found here

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